Sunday, May 29, 2011

British Fashion Part 3

Combining the essence of British style with a new summer trend comes bold sophisticate. The British not only dress sophisticated and put together, they also walk like they know it. A new trend this summer is colour-blocking, which includes clothing with different colours that are not arranged in stripes. You could take this trend one step further and pair together colours that would normally clash, such as purple and orange, in tailored pieces that fit the British style.
Above: welcoming spring and summer with bright colour combinations and bold accessories.
Can these all these three trends be mixed together? Of course they can (in moderation)! The picture on the right shows brightly-coloured shorts paired with a loose-fitting top and floral flats.

As a concluding note, British fashion is always a step ahead, sporting floral prints, bright colours, and loose-fitting tops all in a sophisticated way this summer. Planning your next vacation to England? Now you can fit right in with these top trends of the season.

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British Fashion Part 2

Another trend across the ocean is loose and flowing clothing. This includes tops, tunics, skirts, and dresses. If you're feeling brave enough you can also go for wide-legged pants or trouser jeans. This trend is seen more in street style than on the runways or in the magazines.

This style segues into a top summer trend this year: boho pieces and more specifically, tribal prints. Style tip: pair one piece of loose clothing with something more fitted, like leggings, skinny jeans, or a belt to cinch your waist. You don't want to look like your clothes swallowed you. (See ideas below.)
Above: Still in the area of loose, flowing clothes are maxi dresses. I saw many people wearing these in Harrogate.

British Fashion Part 1

On a recent trip to England, I discovered a whole new world of fashion. Not only are the British extremely stylish, but they have such poise and elegance sporting their new looks. They even take the basic jeans and t-shirt up a notch. I bet they would even look good in sweatpants (not that they wear them). Over the next few posts I will be sharing with you a few trends and outfit ideas straight from the streets of Harrogate and London.

Right: From flirty dresses to dainty earrings, nothing says spring like floral patterns. What better way to welcome spring after a long, cold winter than to wear it?
Here are two ideas of how to incorporate floral into your wardrobe. Stick to one floral piece in your outfit: for example, if you have a floral skirt, pair it with a neutral-coloured top.
I'm sure you've seen them everywhere, especially since Will & Kate tied the knot a month ago: those crazy British hats. The more headpiece-style ones are called fascinators (such as the one Kate Middleton is wearing, right), while the hats are just called, well, hats. The history behind these dates back to the 18th century, when British women tied their hair in a topknot and paired it with flowers, feather, jewels, and ribbons clipped in. The styles have obviously changed since then, British women now sporting elegant hats, clips, and fascinators on special occasions.