Friday, November 04, 2011

Orange you glad I made a post about this?

Sorry for the worst pun ever...In case you haven't noticed, it's fall, which means changing sceneries and ever changing trends. But it's not just the trends that are new. Have you ever noticed that with a new season comes colours that are suddenly "in?"
This season, the colours that have been popping up on store shelves are orange and yellow. I know, original right?  Of course they're not called orange and yellow. They are burnt orange and mustard yellow, which I have to say is a lot more specific than orange and yellow. These shades are "warm," as opposed to highlighter yellow and neon orange. As always, I've put together some outfits so you can get inspired to bring fall into your wardrobe. 

I balanced the orange out with some brown in this outfit. If you're not a huge fan of orange (I'm not), you can try to incorporate into your wardrobe with some accessories, like an orange scarf or bracelet.

In the next outfit, I paired a mustard yellow crop-top (though it's tucked in so you can't really tell that it is a crop-top) with a floral skirt and brown oxfords.

The outfit on the left shows a way to mix in other fall colours: I paired an orange shirt with a brown sweater, brown boots, and gold jewellery.

The next look is built around the red pants. I toned them down with some grey and a leopard print belt. I've noticed that red goes really well with leopard print accessories.

How many ways can you accessorize a little black dress? Way too many. I tried to keep all these looks casual, but as soon as I saw this dress I had to use it in an outfit. To keep with the fall theme, I accessorized the dress with red shoes, red and gold necklaces, and a gold clutch.

As a final tip, when you're wearing not only these fall colours of burnt orange and mustard yellow, but olive green, brown, or rusty red, try to pair them together and with other neutrals for a look that really says fall.