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I am a Teacher Candidate at the University of Ottawa at the Junior/Intermediate division with English as my teachable. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in English and psychology. Why a blog about fashion then, you ask? I enjoy finding the perfect pieces to create an outfit- the right textures, patterns colours, accessories, etc. I love shopping and finding out the latest trends and clothes in store. Recently I've taken to browsing street style blogs, which gives me a lot of inspiration to work with the clothes I have and try out new combinations. If I could ever have a career in fashion it would probably be something along the lines of a personal shopper.

This blog actually started as a project for my Grade 12 Writer's Craft class, which was perfect because I had been wanting to create a blog for the the longest time. I have kept it up since then and I've been enjoying every minute!

My other pass times include reading, writing, and playing the flute. I am currently working on a novel (which I would like to publish if I had more time to write), and I give flute lessons at my local music school.

Style favourites: pearls, lace, anything pink, bows, floral patterns...ie anything girly! Though I've recently started liking more edgy pieces and combining them with what I currently have, like pairing a lace top with a leather jacket.

My blog is mainly about fashion, though sometimes I enjoy experimenting with new hair and makeup ideas, so I will either incorporate them into a blog post or do a completely separate write-up.

To see more of my style, visit my Polyvore page by clicking the link on the sidebar.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! Enjoy :)

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