Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Trends 2012

The post you've all been waiting for (well, I have in any case)...

One year ago, I started this blog as an assignment for my grade 12 writer's craft course, and I really enjoyed making posts about fashion (and beauty) so I continued it and here I am a year later with nearly 30 posts and almost 400 page views! Thank you so much to my subscribers and anyone else who happens to stumble across  my blog on a random Google search! I have many ideas for my blog so hopefully this year will be as exciting as the last! And now on to the latest trends for spring!

I am not surprised that floral print is back for another year. Who doesn't love wearing a small floral print to be girly or a bright colourful one to be bold? It is definitely my favourite trend of all time. Here are some ideas to build a your closet.

Also back again this year are the sweet and girly lace edges and necklines in tops, skirts, and dresses. A variation of this trend are eyelets, sort of like a hole punch pattern, but cuter, and also crochet, which is like lace, but with more detail. As well, this year lace comes in all different colours, not just white! Notice that the top pictured above combines floral and lace! So cute!!!

Bright Pants
This trend is hard to miss. Skinny jeans and jeggings are available in every colour of the rainbow this year, paired either with neutral  or brightly coloured tops to create fun outfits that you can literally see from a mile away.  Here are some outfit ideas from DailyLook. Notice that this trend can carry on into the middle of summer with brightly coloured shorts. I don't have too many ideas for this one, but you can check out American Eagle, Garage, and Aeropostale for more looks with bright jeans and shorts. 

Wild Prints
If you're headed to the jungle, you'll blend right in with animal prints, tribal patterns, and earth tones.  Silhouettes include shirt dresses, wrap skirts, cargo pants, and cross-body bags.

The Colour Palette and Accessories
Colours that are in this season include water colours such as turquoise, aqua, indigo, and sea green; bright colours especially in the red-orange area (think tangerine, a deep orange), and, of course, pastels such as light pink, mint green, soft yellow, and sky blue. 
These colours will be seen mainly in jewellery and other accessories, as well as makeup (especially pastel nail polish, which I absolutely love). Set the trend with dangling earrings, tangerine coloured lipstick, pastel nail polish, or stacks of multicoloured bracelets. 
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Enjoy looking fabulous this spring!

Photo Credits
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Plethora of Fashion News

First of all, sorry for the four week hiatus...assignments, studying, midterms all piled up (but they are done for now!). Though during the times when I should have been studying, I was thinking about my next blog post... I have discovered so much about fashion in the past month that I have no idea how to contain my excitement all in one post!!! My take on spring trends will be coming towards the end of this week (even though there's still snow out there), which will also mark my one year anniversary on Blogger!

Websites I have discovered

Clearly I've been missing out on this awesome, awesome website for some time. Basically, there is a different look posted every day (bet you got that much from the name), and the items go on sale for three days for DailyLook members. The easiest part is that you can sign up through Facebook, which allows you to comment on the look, upload photos of your recreations of the looks, and comment on other member's photos. Also, once you sign up (which I haven't...yes, I know I just said it was the easiest thing in the world), you will get personalized looks based on the outfits or articles of clothing that you've liked. Sounds like fun, right?

I've also been missing out on this one. Modcloth is an online store that sells indie, retro, and vintage clothing with a modern update. The main feature of this website is their collection of cute dresses. (There is a separate link dedicated to floral print dresses- need I say more?) They also sell home decor and offer style tips in their blog. Do the designers Betsey Johnson, BB Dakota, Jeffrey Campbell, and Kensie Girl sound familiar? Browse their styles here too!

You can find absolutely anything on Etsy, from clothes to jewellery, home furnishings, artwork, toys, patterns, cards...the list goes on. The unique part about it: everything is handmade! If you don't know where to start, my friend Amy makes and sells patterns for the cutest crocheted toys called Amigurumis!

Magazine Comparison

The other thing I want to talk about is actually pretty recent. This past week I received both March issues for Seventeen and Fashion. This was the first issue of Fashion that I got and I was so excited to read something new and...Canadian! This magazine differs so much from Seventeen because it is aimed at adult readers, not teens. The trends are shown straight from the runway, which means high fashion comes with a high price. There are no "outfit ideas" or "runway looks for less;" nope, you get the full designer price (with some pieces from H&M). What I do like about Fashion is that there are actual articles about the trends and fashion, not just pictures of clothes and where they are from. It was exciting to read not only about the trends, but the latest in art, movies, music, books, and TV. A special feature that I enjoyed in Seventeen this month introduced the newest members of the Seventeen Style Council- made up of fashion bloggers (just like me! I wish I was chosen, how much fun would that be?) who all have a unique sense of style. Are the trends the same in both magazines? Yes, yes they are, and you will hear more about them soon! For the record, I like Seventeen for the many outfit ideas, and Fashion for the articles that inspire me to write more blog posts! Browse both magazines online:

Stay stylish!