Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Shopping Haul & Body Issues

I had a chance to go shopping this week! Well, it was mainly for New York, but these pieces will definitely work their way into my spring and summer wardrobe!

Tank tops: Garage Clothing
Skirt: Target
Bikini: Target
Dress: Eclipse

First of all, I know what you're thinking: that skirt is crazy!!! Yes, I agree. But it's actually really pretty, and there are so many colours in it that makes it very versatile! At the start of this year, I made some New Year's Resolutions, and one of them was to incorporate more patterns into my wardrobe, so I decided to take the risk and buy it. Looking at it yesterday with the rest of my clothes, it goes with a lot of things! You will definitely be seeing outfits with this skirt this summer!
To complement that, though, I did fall back on my usual lace-and-floral pattern with this dress. How many lace dresses do I have now? A lot :P But this one is adorable. I saw it on line and could not wait to try it on in store! I'm bringing both the dress and skirt to New York to be styled elegantly (hopefully!) for my evenings at the theatre! 
I don't have much to say about the tank tops, because, well, they're tank tops...and they were $5! Hello, deals!
Lastly, I did buy a bikini. And no, I don't suppose there's anything special about that either. Except for the fact that I've been wanting to buy one every summer for the past four years at least. So why did it take me that long you ask? I'll give you a simple answer: body issues.
Which isn't a very simple answer when you think about it. I, like millions of other women (and men) out there, have body issues. The truth is that I am very uncomfortable with the way I look. I have been for years, and it's what has been making me stick to one piece swimsuits for the past years (okay, that and the fact that I was on the swim team in high school, but that's besides the point). Now, I'm not saying that because I finally bought this swimsuit that all my body issues are over and done with, or that I now love my body. I don't. I'm just hoping that the fact that I was able to buy it without hating myself was a step towards eventually accepting the body I have and not going to extreme lengths to try and change it.
It goes without saying that being uncomfortable with your body is a problem in our society. I've seen it in the fashion magazines, TV ads and shows, and even at clothing stores- the negative influence subtly urging people to be a smaller size by promoting weight loss, perfect looking models, and not enough larger sizes. Urging even the people who may not need to lose weight to think twice about how they look.
I'm not saying it's all the media's fault for this, because they have been getting better with promoting acceptance and body peace. It may be the media, it may be a comment from someone you know or don't know, or it may be your own obsessive thoughts pointing out your flaws. What I am saying is that we need to stop hating ourselves for how we look, treat ourselves the way we would like to be treated (would you call your best friend fat? Then why say it to yourself?), and learn to accept ourselves the way we are.

Thanks for reading, as always :)

P.S. Go get that bikini, summer dress, shorts, whatever you've been putting off buying because of your insecurities. I promise you'll feel a little better about yourself afterwards. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"These streets will make you feel brand new"

"These streets will make you feel brand new"

If you inferred correctly from the title, yes, I am off to New York City next week! I put together three outfits for different activities that I may be doing. 

The first outfit is for a day of sightseeing. I went casual with this one, pairing together the basic jeans and tee. To not look too touristy, I added some combat boots, a light jacket, and a scarf. From browsing some New York street style, I've noticed that the key is layering, so that's what I aimed for in this everyday, out-on-the-town outfit. If the weather warms up during the day, it's easy to take off the jacket and the scarf. 
The next outfit is for a night out, and I know I'm definitely having a couple of those while I'm there! I kept it very classy and conservative with a patterned dress and solid heels. Perfect for those Broadway (and off-Broadway) shows!
I was a little hesitant with the last outfit, but I think it will work for a day of window shopping or casual outings, like a picnic in Central Park. I just have a cardigan paired with the floral skirt and white tee, but it could be easily substituted for a leather jacket or blazer.

And there you have it! Comment down below with any outfit ideas / staples for travelling and sightseeing! Until my next post, stay stylish! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Outfit Ideas

I'm baaackkkk!!!! Exams are done so I am now fully able to do as much blogging and fashion related things as I like for four whole months. To start off, I have some outfit ideas for Easter, whether you're going out to dinner, going to church, spending time with family, or just really want to look your best! You may recognize some pieces from earlier outfits, but that's just because they're some of my most worn items!

Outfits 1 & 2: Church

Blouse: Bluenotes
Pants: Dynamite
Necklace: This & That Axesoir

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Jacob
Bracelets (left to right): Accessorize, Forever 21, Justice Clothing

I put these two outfit ideas together because they are both perfect for Sunday morning church. For the first option, I really like statement necklaces at the moment, but nothing too big and chunky, so I find that this one is a nice balance between the two. The second option is a bit more dressy because of the flower / ruffle detailing at the neckline. I opted for a few bracelets instead of a necklace for this one. Also, I forgot about tights, but a solid black pair would do the trick here! For shoes I would recommend some basic black heels for both options. 

Outfit 3: Family Time

Dress: American Eagle
Cardigan: Old Navy
Bangles: Forever 21

I bet you were wondering how long it would take me to put something floral in this post :P Now that it is finally spring, florals are definitely the way to go, especially for Easter. I love the corset detailing on this dress, not to mention that it is very well made. I paired it with a pink cardigan to brighten up the navy, and the bangles add some fun to the look. I would add some pink or navy flats to complete this outfit.  

Outfit 4: Dinnertime 


Top: American Eagle
Skirt: Simons
Necklace: Forever 21

My second favourite thing: lace. Of course I had to include it! This top is gorgeous, I've worn it out so many times and gotten a lot of compliments. The shirt is not too long, so the cute bow waistband of this bright blue skirt still peaks through. The skirt, despite its short length, has some great pluses: it's nice and thick, and, it has pockets! For shoes both heels and flats would work well with this outfit. 

Bonus: Easter Extras

I am currently loving Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume. The best way to describe this scent would be...fresh! I know, descriptive, right? There's also a slight floral undertone. Seriously, how much more spring can you fit in a bottle decorated with flowers? :) My next must-have is this matte eye shadow palette from Too Faced. It has a bit of everything: browns, blues, and purples. I pretty much wear these shades all the time!

So there you have it! Hope these outfits gave you some ideas on how to look cute this Easter weekend! Happy Easter everyone! :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Patterned Skirt & Denim Shirt

Make it a Date with Keds

T-shirt Campaign

Hey everyone, so my friend Teagan is running a t-shirt campaign to raise some money for trans related gear and some new clothes to match his identity.
The t-shirt is only $12, and you won't be charged unless the goal is reached.
Also, if you like minions, you'll love it :)
Click on the link below to buy a shirt and find out more:


P.S. Exciting new posts are coming, people. I'm working on it! :)