Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to Campus

I hate to admit it, but in less than two weeks we will all be hitting the books again. For me, it is the start of University, which is scary but a little thrilling at the same time. I'm sure you've heard it before that when you look good, you feel good, which is why it's important to look your best even if you've been studying all night or just failed a test (I hope not).
Campus fashion needs to be practical. Who wants to sit through a three hour lecture in too tight pants or dash across campus in three-inch heels? I've put together a list of practical and classic pieces of clothing that will get you an A in Fashion 101.
  1. Comfortable footwear. In high school, it was easy to just keep a few pairs of shoes in your locker if it was raining or if you didn't want to stay in your boots all day. However, on campus, you are pretty much stuck with the shoes you put on in the morning. I suggest Pumas, Converse, or Keds for sneakers, as they are lightweight and go with pretty much everything from skinny jeans to skirts. In the winter, a thick pair of boots work well for cold days, and one or two others for fashion and warmth. Personally, I think the look of skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots is very chic. And who doesn't like shopping for shoes?
  2. Outerwear.  In the past, a coat or jacket would be shoved into your locker at the start of the day, and taken back out at the end. Unless your campus has underground tunnels or atria linking every single building, outerwear will become your newest fashion accessory. Even in the winter, it gets hot walking around campus, so something not too bulky, but still warm is the ideal jacket. I suggest either a faux leather jacket or a sweater-material coat for those days that aren't too warm or cold (October/November), and a pea coat for the winter months. Make sure that your coat has a hood to protect your perfect blow-out from wind, rain, or snow.
  3. Sturdy backpack or purse. If you're in science, I suggest you get a carry-on luggage for your books. Just kidding. A good bag is essential for University. If you choose a backpack, make sure it has lots of room and compartments for your wallet/cell phone/Ipod, etc. Your bag also depends on whether or not you want to bring your laptop to class. If so, make sure your bag has a separate compartment, or buy a smaller bag that will only fit your laptop. You don't want your books smashing your laptop! Purses are a bit more complicated, as there are more styles and sizes available. Look for one that has a cross-body strap as well as handles so the weight of your books isn't all on one shoulder.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cool Hair: Book Review

This book, entitled "Cool Hair: A Teenager's Guide to the Best Beauty Secrets on Hair, Makeup, and Style," presents a wide variety of information on hair types and styles, as well as a chapter on skin and makeup. However, I did not come across anything on personal style or fashion, just advice here and there.
At first glance, this book seemed a little outdated. When I read that it was published in 2003, I thought, okay, it's not too old. That changed after I read the first few chapters. The book gives off a strong vibe that teenagers should experiment with their hair as much as possible- dye it, perm it, curl it, straighten it- because it will grow back. It overemphasized the fact that teens should be a little rebellious and try new things, which gave the writing style a dated feel.
Overall, this book did provide a great deal of information. It went through the different hair types and recommended new styles to go for and products to use and avoid. It stressed the importance of finding a good stylist who knows what will work (and what won't) with your hair.
The other sections of the book provided tips for healthy skin and the basics for makeup. It stressed the importance of a good diet to maintain a healthy complexion (this also goes for great hair). There was a breakdown of skin types and what products to use for each, as well as a section on dealing with acne. The chapter on makeup listed the essentials for a makeup bag. This includes foundation, concealer, powder, blush, lipstick (or gloss), eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, as well as brushes, a pair of tweezers, an eyelash curler, and Q-Tips.  There was also a quick run through of how to apply your makeup in the morning.
Overall, "Cool Hair" was a little outdated, but it did have some essential tips and tricks that even I forget! The main theme of this book was that if you look good, you feel good, which I believe is true.
Stay tuned for more book reviews!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Smokey Eye Look and Outfit

I recently found a simple picture of a smokey eye, but with a subtle twist: jade green eyeliner on the bottom lash line. I find that it tones down the boldness of a smokey eye and adds a pop of colour, since the other colours used are in the grey colour palette. There is also a hint of purple on the outer corner of the eye, which looks great with the grey and green.
Since the eyes are so dramatic in this look, it is always best to keep the rest of the face neutral- here I showed a light pink, almost nude lipstick.
As for the outfit, I decided to go with a prom-inspired A-line dress with a neat flower/vine pattern. The burgundy accessories complement the waistband and trim of the dress.