Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Boxing Day (Week) Deals!

I hope everyone has been having an enjoyable holiday so far! :) I certainly have. Last week I had the opportunity to do some post-holiday shopping to take advantage of Boxing Week sales. I was unable to go right on Boxing Day (I was working, and was the mall ever crowded!), but I went the day after with some of my friends.

Some of the stores did have a good sale going on that was just for Boxing Week, but I noticed most of the stores had the same sales as they did the week before.

I didn't get too much, but they were all things that I needed and I got really good deals!
Chunky sweater- Eclipse, $20
Coral sweater- Jacob, $20
Black dress pants- Dynamite, $30
Blue blouse- Bluenotes, $12
Striped top- Eclipse, $15
I didn't get any sales on the pants or the blouse, but as I said, I was looking for some dress pants and, well, I couldn't pass up a blouse for $12! I found that Jacob had the best sale going on- everything was 50% off the last ticketed price, even sale items. I am super excited to incorporate these pieces into my wardrobe (I actually wore the striped top for a family dinner the next day :P); I already have some outfit ideas!

For 2014 I want to post more outfits of clothes that are actually in my closet, not just sets from Polyvore (though I do love my virtual wardrobe there). Let me know what you think!

I am also in the process of revamping my makeup collection, so when that's done I will do a similar post, but for makeup.

Stay stylish! :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Manicure Monday (a day late)

So yesterday I decided to get into the holiday spirit by painting my nails. I didn't go crazy and do nail art because it probably would have gotten ruined with all the baking and cleaning that I've been doing lately to get ready for Christmas, but I did add a bit of sparkle to my usual basic red polish.

I put gold glitter on my ring finger after putting two coats of red polish on my other nails. The glitter polish that I used was a little sheer so I had to layer on three coats to make it stand out. I'm sure I'll love taking that off in the coming weeks! :P I really like the idea of putting a different colour on the ring finger, I'll probably be doing that in the new year as well!

Polishes used: Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in Ruby or Not to Be, Love & Beauty by Forever 21 (doesn't say the name but it's a gold glitter and it came in a set of three- light pink and coral were the other colours in the set)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Wear Leggings

How to Wear Leggings

Topshop dress

BLK DNM brown top
$67 - zalando.co.uk

Oasis gray top
$66 - oasis-stores.com

Mango side zip black pants
$33 - houseoffraser.co.uk

UGG Australia gray shoes

Forever 21 chevron necklace

I've been wanting to do a post on ways to wear leggings for quite some time now. I've seen too many people wear them as regular pants, such as with hoodies and short jackets- pretty much with anything, including see-through or worn out leggings with coloured underwear underneath.

*silent scream*
This is not okay. Leggings are not a substitute for pants. 

The number one rule I have for wearing leggings is that the top worn must cover your bottom. You've probably heard this a million times before but it's true. Acceptable pieces would then include tunics, shorter dresses, sweater dresses (for the winter), long or over-sized cardigans...etc. The second and third outfits above show these decent ways of wearing leggings. The third outfit is more casual; it would work for class or hanging out with friends. The second look is more dressy; it would be appropriate for a holiday party- leggings under dresses make a great (and often warmer) alternative to just plain tights. 
Now, you're probably wondering about the first outfit. This sweater is a little longer, but I doubt that it covers enough to wear out. So my second rule is that if you are at home studying, writing essays, or just lounging around the house, then you can rock your leggings as you wish. 
Well, except the see-through ones. I have to draw the line somewhere. 

Until my next post, stay stylish! :)

Update December 31st, 2013- Another way to wear leggings to keep warm in the winter is to put them underneath your jeans / pants. It gets extremely cold in Canada, so leggings as an extra layer keeps your legs nice and warm. Even warmer? Fleece-lined leggings. I just picked up two pairs of these and not only are they super soft, but they are also really warm! I definitely recommend them!