Sunday, September 09, 2012

An Explanation... to why I haven't made any posts (real posts, I'm sure whoever has been viewing my blog has enjoyed the outfits from Polyvore). First of all, I have been busy (kind of), so as much as I would have wanted to write something, making an outfit and posting it has been a lot simpler (call me lazy). The last time I made a real post was back in April (wait, May?), when I promised to report fashion trends all summer...oops, sorry about that.
A confession: unless I was going to work or out with my friends, I pretty much lived in shorts and tank tops all summer, so I definitely wasn't very stylish. But now that school has started up again, I have been making more of an effort; getting back into the swing of things by back-to-school shopping, making outfits, reading magazines to catch up on the trends- all that fun stuff. My first day of school outfit? A magenta pleated dress, belted at the waist, a grey shrug over top (though it was really hot out, so I ended up taking that off), a long pink beaded necklace, and pink flats. See, I still have style down.
I've also noticed that all my posts have been reporting various trends of the season; so I was thinking of doing one for fall this year. You know what I noticed? A repeat of trends! Or maybe the trends have kept on...trending through the whole year? Maybe. All I know is that lace, plaid, floral, and coloured denim are still in; joined by sheer blouses, polka dots (those were in in the spring, actually), stripes, cable knit, and faux-fur. Also from last fall are the colours of burnt orange, mustard, and burgundy. So you're in luck if you kept your fall wardrobe from last year!
I will keep the outfit ideas coming, but now and then I may surprise you with a post on my views on the trends of the season (or something of the sort).
Until my next post, stay stylish! :)

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