Monday, October 14, 2013

H&M Inspired

H&M Inspired

H M sweater
$40 -

H&M low jeans
$32 -

H&M skinny low jeans
$16 -

H M cable knit tight
$9.57 -

H&M cognac boots
$96 -

H&M ankle booties
$64 -

H&M zipper boots
$48 -

H M white shawl
$11 -

An H&M is finally opening in Ottawa! Finally! I thought I'd make a few outfits to show how versatile pieces from H&M can be. What I love is that there's a mix of inexpensive clothes and pieces for special events that may be a bit more pricey. This makes it easy for young people to upgrade their high school jeans and t-shirt look. I know when I first started University (and I still notice it now) I noticed that people do dress up for class! So I've been updating my style a lot (I don't think I owned that much floral or lace in high school...shocking right?) since then. 
For the first outfit I paired skinny jeans with a pretty blouse (instead of a plain tee). The leopard print scarf and ankle boots also dress up this look. I've found that simple accessories such as a scarf can really complete an outfit. 
The next outfit is an example of how to make your summer pieces work for fall- just add tights and boots (see, simple accessories is key!). To make a floral print work for fall, choose pieces with a dark background, like the dress in this outfit. Also, I'm loving knit circle scarves for fall!
The last outfit is just really comfortable- who doesn't love a chunky sweater on a cold fall day? I would add a leather jacket and a long necklace to complete this look. 
Hope this inspires your fall shopping / wardrobe!

Until my next post, stay stylish! :)

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