Friday, December 26, 2014

Urban Decay Black Magic First Impression

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I thought I would share my first impression of the Urban Decay Black Magic eyeliner set that I received for Christmas this year.

So this is what the set looks like. I believe it was limited edition because my I cannot find it online at Sephora anymore. I was sent an email back at the beginning of the month that listed it as a gift idea at the same time I was replying to an email from my cousin, so I mentioned it to her (because we like to talk about makeup, naturally) and she took the hint and now here it is! :) 
A few months ago I bought my first eyeliner from Urban Decay in the shade Psychedelic Sister, a rich purple colour that I absolutely love, so I was so excited to receive this set!
This set (I keep wanting to type palette because I'm used to talking about eyeshadow :P) comes with four double ended eyeliners, all different colours. 

Here are all the swatches of the colours (L-R):
LSD (sparkly grey-blue) + Perversion (deep, rich black)
Tornado (dark purple) + Black Market (dark grey)
Smoke (light grey) + Black Velvet (black with a slight brownish undertone when you really look at it)
(bottom row): Demolition (medium brown) + Zero (black-brown)
So far I love all the different colours! They go on easily, actually, so easily that I accidentally broke the tip of the purple one while swatching it! Oops...
As you probably noticed, each pencil has a black shade and a different colour on the other end, hence the name Black Magic for the set. The only two I have a hard time distinguishing are Zero and Black Velvet, as they both look quite similar. If you look at the two carefully you'll find that Zero is a bit lighter and less harsh than Black Velvet. 
As it was limited edition I cannot really recommend this set, but I can recommend Urban Decay eyeliners in general- have fun testing them out in store, as there are so many shades to choose from!

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